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Water Resources Maps and GIS Data. Water Resources of the United States. WATER DATA FOR THE NATIONView current and historical streamflow, ground- water level, and water- quality data. View comparisons of current and historical conditions using maps. WATER SCIENCE SPECIALTIESUSGS Water Science Centers are located in each state. Downloadable spatial data files for exploration and analysis. Selected Water Spatial Data.

Annual Water Data Reports. Individual site data for a particular year, beginning in 2. National Water Information System (NWIS)USGS Water Data for the Nation: Water- resources data collected at approximately 1. U. S. States and Territories. Primary categories are Real- time Data, Site Information, Surface Water, Groundwater and Water Quality. National Hydrography Dataset. Detailed spatial data with information about surface- water features and their upstream or downstream relationships.

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Information Requests: Water information and data and hydrologic publications from the New Mexico Water Science Center are available to the public. Listing and overview description of available GIS Data publications for the U.S. Geological Survey, CMGP, Gulf of Mexico region Internet Map Server. USGS Publications Warehouse The Pubs Warehouse provides access to over 130,000 publications written by USGS scientists over the century-plus history of the bureau. Categories of water use in the United States in 2000, 1995, and 1990, by State, with data available by County. Map-based data from over 1,000 wells where data.

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Water data discovery. Summary of water- data access tools organized by time: water now, water then, and water tomorrow. Spatial data. Spatial data and metadata created for water assessment and research projects. Water- use maps and data.

Categories of water use in the United States in 2. State, with data available by County. Groundwater (well and aquifer information)Surface Water (stream, lake, and reservoir conditions)Water Quality (chemical, biological, and physical characteristics)Watershed Theme Maps and Spatial Data. Hydrologic Units.

National watershed maps and data subdivided into four levels of successively smaller areas. Science in Your Watershed. Scientific information organized on a watershed basis. Watershed Boundary Dataset.

Nationally consistent watershed data subdivided into 6 levels are available from the USGS and USDA- NRCS- National Cartographic and Geospatial Center's (NCGC) Watershed Boundary Dataset. Mixed Theme Maps and Spatial Data (from the USGS and other sources)USGS maps. Printed maps, standards, names, symbols, descriptions, and additional explanatory information.

Earth. Explorer. Locate USGS imagery data by interactive map or place name. Query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products from the USGS. Geospatial One Stop. Maps, data, and services to find geospatial data and learn about geospatial projects. Geospatial Platform.

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Ready access to federally maintained geospatial data, services and applications. GISDATA Map Studio. View and download geospatial data specially prepared for seamless access and delivery. National Atlas. Geographic information, map layers, and map products from more than 2.

Federal organizations in the form of electronic maps and services. National Geologic Map Database. Nearly 1. 00,0. 00 geoscience maps and reports by USGS, the State Geological Surveys, and > 6.

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National Geospatial Program. USGS coordination activities for geospatial production and services. Promotes consistent and accurate geographic data creation. Open Geospatial Consortium. A non- profit international organization that is leading the development of standards for geospatial and location- based services. The National Map. View and download nationally consistent datasets.

The National Map seamless data. View and download geospatial data. Includes orthoimagery (aerial photographs), elevation, geographic names, hydrography, boundaries, transportation, structures, and land cover. Water Themes from Other Agencies. Flood Maps. Online access, ordering and pricing information for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps.

National Wetlands Inventory. Map information and data for U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service wetland maps. National Weather Service. Access to National Weather Service River Forecast and Warning Services. National Hydrologic Warning Council.

A non- profit organization dedicated to assisting emergency and environmental management officials by providing expert advice on the use of real- time, high quality hydrologic information from automated remote data systems, with the goals of protecting lives, property, and the environment Storm prediction center. National Weather Service (NOAA)My. Environment. Links Federal, State and local partners' statistical data with environmental data (EPA).

Uncharted: Exploring one of America’s fastest faults A team of USGS scientists spent 10 days in the wilderness investigating the Fairweather Fault. Descriptive site information for all sites with links to all available water data for individual sites. Map of all sites with links to all available water data for.

Quick Page Navigation. Page Main Content; Top Pages Within This Site; All Pages Within This Site; All Site Pages Plus External Links; HTML and CSS Validation Info. Welcome to the home page of the Geology Discipline of the U.S. Inside you will find links to our science programs, real time hazard information. Water resources information from the US Geological Survey: About Water Resources. The following downloadable data are available through the contributions of partnering agencies. The majority of the data and information, located in databases. free download Cracked Paw Pads Treatment Alaska. USGS Chesapeake Bay Activities Data page provides information on the science activities and research by the U.S. Geological Survey to provide integrated science to. Welcome to the CMGP Internet Map Server, an internet map server and downloadable list of GIS data being served by the USGS, Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP).

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